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2nd Summer School on Optical Interconnects
will take place
between 1st – 4th August 2016
in St Andrews, Scotland, UK.
Please find related information here.


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PhoxTroT is a large-scale research effort focusing on high-performance, low-energy and cost and small-size optical interconnects across the different hierarchy levels in data center and high-performance computing systems: on-board, board-to-board and rack-to-rack. PhoxTroT will tackle optical interconnects in a holistic way, synergizing the different fabrication platforms in order to deploy the optimal “mix&match” technology and tailor this to each interconnect layer. PhoxTroT will follow a layered approach from near-term exploitable to more forward looking but of high expected gain activities.

The objective of PhoxTroT is the deployment of

  • Generic building block that can be used for a broad range of applications, extending performance beyond Tb/s and reducing energy by more than 50%.
  • A unified integration/packaging methodology as a cost/energy-reduction factor for board-adaptable 3D SiP transceiver and router optochip fabrication.
  • The whole “food-chain” of low-cost and low-energy interconnect technologies concluding to 3 fully functional prototype systems: an >1Tb/s throughput optical PCB and >50% reduced energy requirements, a high-end >2Tb/s throughput optical backplane for board-to-board interconnection, and a 1.28Tb/s 16QAM Active Optical Cable that reduces power requirements by >70%.


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  • The PhoxTroT VISION

    The updated version of PhoxTroT VISION slide deck is released, 1st March 2016. More info here.

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